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HONPE will realize people's 
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HONPE  Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. was founded in 1999,

Specializing in the production of various digital product models, car models, home appliance models, and the processing and production of metal parts.

With a professional international design and R&D team, we can work with customers to complete the best plan formulation and quickly complete the production of prototype models.

HONPE has branches and offices in the United States, Italy, Germany, Britain, France, and Japan, and its business covers European and American countries.

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One-to-one consulting service for a team of professional engineers
Rich practical experience
Analyze customer and market needs
Give professional market advice



Industrial design professionals
Deepening evaluation and rationality verification of the plan
Give development advice
Quickly implement prototypes


Carried out

CNC machining center
Ultra high precision 0.02mm
Fast spin-off and production of a strong supply chain



Scientific quality inspection, rich management and control experience
Issue a quality inspection report for each product
System certification, strict implementation to ensure quality



Guarantee delivery quality
Ensure customer delivery
Fast delivery of products
Fast proofing produced on the machine

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Home appliance model

In order to verify the correctness of the design, CNC machining is used as the main method to make samples exactly the same as the product.

Car model

Provide the production of vehicle prototypes, parts proofing, cover parts production, interior decorations, etc.

Digital model

International standard high-precision customization; Rich experience in various surface treatment processes.

CNC Machining

One block processing, High precision, Good surface finish

Five axis CNC Machining

Super fast speed, Low price

CNC Machining

Complex technology, Precision processing

CNC Machining

One block processing, High precision, Good surface finish 

CNC Machining

Complex technology, Precision processing

Five axis CNC Machining

Super fast speed, Low price

CNC Machining

一One block processing, High precision, Good surface finish 

CNC Machining

Complex technology, Precision processing

Five axis CNC Machining

Super fast speed, Low price

Hardware structure

Processing of high production efficiency

Headlights model

To ensure the stamping parts of the size, shape accuracy, quality stability

Reflective part of stainless

Five axis CNC precision processing, high polish

Engine cylinder

Five axis CNC precision processing

Metal parts

Super fast speed, low price

Car cooler

CNC hand-board exquisite processing technology, quality assurance

Auto parts

Single block processing, high precision integrity

Car lights

High quality materials, careful production

Car center console

Car interior model, fast production

3D printing mobile phone cover

Efficient molding, greatly shorten the production time

Camera part

Multiple process, perfect reflect accurate reduction

Metal material

All sorts of color, material, metal material is rich

Fiber materials

All kinds of complicated, process of perfection

Vacuum casting

Experienced mock-up master, monochrome two-color vacuum casting fast and efficient

Leather technology

Post-treatment technology, the company equipped workshops, rich materials, exquisite workmanship

Panel part

Injection molding processing, efficient fast

Aluminum parts

All kinds of metal materials

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Rapid prototyping of plastic parts

At Honpe Prototyping, you can get advice on different plastic prototypes. Typically in the old days, additive manufacturing was the rapid fabrication of a physical part, model or component using 3D computer aided design (CAD). The creation of the part, model or component was usually done using additive manufacturing or, more commonly, 3D printing.   Today, however, Rapid prototyping technology is used for a wide range of plastic part applications. Examples include: CNC machining, vacuum casting, 3D printing, small batch prototyping, etc.   Through the evaluation of our engineering team, different plastic parts can be made by different processes.     3D printing of plastic parts The 3D printing process involves creating parts layer by layer using materials such as liquid photopolymer resins (SLA), photopolymer drops (PolyJet), plastic or metal powders (SLS/DMLS), and plastic filaments (FDM). Using an energy source such as a laser or a heated extruder, these materials solidify layer by layer to form the finished part, so it has the great advantage of minimal material waste.     CNC Machining CNC machining (computerized digital control) is a process used in the manufacturing sector that involves computer-controlled machine tools. Tools that can be controlled in this way include lathes, mills, routers and grinders, and industries such as mining, automotive, oil and gas and construction have all adopted the benefits of CNC machining to produce accurate and economical parts.   CNC plastic machining is used to create plastic prototypes that allow your design team to continually rehearse to achieve the look and function of the final product, also reflecting the physical validity of the dimensions and complexity of the assembly steps, and ultimately the ultimate customer expectations. Vacuum casting is a replication technique applied to small series of functional plastic parts. Using two-component polyurethane and silicone molds, vacuum casting is known for its rapid production of high quality prototypes or final products.   Why choose Honpe Prototyping for rapid prototyping √ Over 22 years of manufacturing experience √ Instant quotation √ Supportive production capacity √ Systematic management   √ Professional support team √ 3-day delivery time √ On-call after-sales service team     Quality assurance and quantity We have many years of experience in manufacturing products, quality partners and fine equipment; we deliver the products to you within the agreed time according to your requirements.   We do every product with heart and soul to give you the best product.   Material Testing Material testing is the composition analysis, measurement, non-destructive testing and environmental simulation testing of raw materials.   Coordinate Measuring Machine Coordinate measuring machines (CMM) measure the physical geometric characteristics of parts. This machine can be controlled manually by the operator or by a computer. The measurement is defined by a probe attached to the third moving axis of the machine. The probe can be mechanical, optical, laser or white light, etc.     Delivery, shipping and service After a production time of 1-2 weeks for CNC machining and surface treatment, the prototype is ready for delivery. Usually, we will listen to the customer's decision on the delivery method. Meanwhile, Honpe prototyping will recommend courier companies, such as DHL (VIP), Fedex (VIP), UPS (VIP) for shipping. For each single shipment, it takes 3 days from China to your country with no customs delay.   When you receive our prototype, we have an excellent professional sales team to follow up your experience or feedback. We are always ready to assist you with any comments or needs you may have.


Customer delegations from various European countries visited Hongpin for inspection

In order to further understand the strength of Hongpin and conduct a field inspection of the technical level of Hongpin, on April 27, 2016, accompanied by the staff of the English group of Hongpin, customer delegations from various European countries walked into Hongpin. First of all, shelly, the head of the English group, gave a brief introduction to the delegation on the basic situation of the red product, and showed some model samples and swatch cards of the red product to the customers. The customers expressed affirmation of the quality of the red product model, especially The dazzling swatches are full of praise. Later, under the leadership of the English group staff, the European customer delegation also visited the hardware processing workshop, digital highlight workshop, tinting workshop, chassis processing workshop and R&D center of Hongpin. Interested European guests took a closer look. Every detail, do not want to miss any corner. In order to further understand the strength of Hongpin and conduct a field inspection of the technical level of Hongpin, on April 27, 2016, accompanied by the staff of the English group of Hongpin, customer delegations from various European countries walked into Hongpin. After the inspection, the delegation expressed that it had a more comprehensive and detailed understanding of the comprehensive strength of Hongpin and strengthened its confidence in cooperation with Hongpin. The successful docking with customers from various European countries this time marks a solid step forward in the process of Hongpin's development of the international market!


You must know these aspects of the customized prototype model

The use of prototype models is very wide, and each customer has relatively high quality requirements when customizing prototype models. It will pay more attention to the effect of the product. If the quality of the prototype model is not good, it will easily lead to the loss of customer time, and if it is serious, it will also lead to the failure of the customer's long-term research and development efforts, so we act as a prototype Model manufacturers must strive to improve the quality of prototype models. From which aspects should the quality of the opponent's board model be improved? First, if a worker wants to do his job well, he must first sharpen his tools. We introduce advanced production equipment. The equipment has a great relationship with the quality and accuracy of the produced prototypes.prototypesIf the equipment itself is not enough, the quality of the produced prototypes will not be much better. The second is to have professional personnel to handle the surface treatment of the prototype model. The team must be very professional and must also be trained regularly. Only by training and introducing talents with rich experience can we produce high-quality prototypes. Third, in the inspection of prototype models, the prototype models must be carefully produced, and must pass strict quality inspections before they can be delivered to customers. Therefore, when we customize the prototype model, we can focus on understanding the strength of the manufacturer from these aspects. Only the powerful prototype manufacturer can provide customers with more high-quality prototype models.