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Make design models, 3D printing is better


Speaking of 3D printing and architecture, you must think of 3D printing various buildings, but today we are discussing the application of 3D printing to the field of architectural design models!

In the field of architectural design, designers often used clay, foam, wood and other materials to make modeling models by hand. Graduation design was time-consuming and laborious, and it was also a headache for the majority of graduates.

The quality of the model depends entirely on the designer's craftsmanship. Nowadays, many designers choose to 3D print architectural models, so how can 3D printing help designers?

With the development of 3D printing, there are already a lot of materials that can be used for printing, and designers can choose plastic and metal materials. If you need special effects, you can also choose to add wooden plastic materials to achieve the effect of wood grain, so that you can fully realize the design concept you want to express.