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Who is the most innovative mobile phone designer in history


According to foreign media reports, looking at the development history of the entire mobile phone industry, the most innovative company is not Apple, which is now in the limelight, but Nokia, which once flourished. Nokia’s recently released new smartphones, Lumia 920 and 820, remind us of some of Nokia’s past. In this era when the iPhone dominates the world’s smartphones, these things are now easy to forget and forget the glory that once belonged to Nokia. Perhaps many people have forgotten that this Finnish company has been manufacturing many classic and highly innovative mobile phones for global mobile phone users for a long period of time.

As early as 1992, Nokia launched the first portable digital phone. In 1993, the company's management decided to focus the company's future on the mobile phone business. Today, twenty years later, looking at the decision of Nokia's top management, people can't help but ask how long Nokia will have in the future. Now Nokia's last fight-Windows Phone has not yet fully played out. Therefore, Nokia's future is still uncertain. So let's review together the 10 most innovative mobile phones in Nokia's history.