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Case Study



Earphone is a must-have in our modern life, and it has a wide range of uses. At present, the demand for earphones is in a rapid-rising trend. For industrial design companies, this is both an opportunity and a challenge because what the users want is also changing in the age of fashion.

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The following is a brief introduction to the whole process of earphones from concept to mass production:

1. Concept earphones: Before any design work, the company must perform market investigation and analysis, to understand what users really want. What’s the architecture, the decoration colors, sound effect, whether it’s comfortable, their desired price, and the cost to meet their requirements and price? This is the period of concept earphones. 

2. 2D Design: It is the process of combining the concept with the specific form of the product, and turning the design concept into a design plan. During this process, the main considerations are the way of wearing, the placement of functional parts, and the matching of product colors and materials. The earbuds need to be considered. If they are too shallow, the sound effect may not be good enough. But if the earbuds are too deep, the users' ears will be hurt with long-time use. 

3. Modeling Design: Rhinoceros software is widely used to establish a 3D file. In order to reduce design errors and structural feasibility, the designer needs to introduce the inner structure successively, as well as use the standard ear model as a reference. The 3D modeling design step by step ensures the most ergonomic comfort and the structure and function of the earphone are realized. 

4. Modeling Design Discussion: The process is to interpret the design concept and characteristics of the earphone and optimize its feasibility. Whether the points, lines, and surfaces in the design are perfectly presented; whether the function and style are in the best state; the latest application of technology, etc. 

5. Prototyping: It comes to Honpe’s work. Honpe Technology, prototype since 1999, is a giant in rapid product prototyping with 24 years of experience. Honpe Prototyping can process any part of its hardware from small to large. An earphone prototype is to verify the concept or process of the earphone. If the design is proper, one-time prototyping is enough. But generally, several times of adjustments and prototyping are required till they all are done. 

6. Structural Design: The basic principles of structural design are to ensure the integrity of ID appearance, structural reliability, mold feasibility, easy assembly, quality, and cost. 

7. Electronic Circuit Design: Electronic circuit design includes electronic hardware design and software design. The electronic hardware design includes circuit schematic design, PCB LAYOUT, PCBA production, testing, and so on. The software design includes source code design, function debugging, etc.

8. Appearance Mock-up and Function Model:

The appearance mock-up refers to a realistic visual representation of the earphone. After each of the parts of the surface is treated, like polishing, dyeing, or others, Honpe’s designer assembles the parts into a whole earphone model. This is called an appearance mock-up.
Function Model: Our electronic engineers are able to finish the circuit structure design and integrate it into earphone hardware and simulate the functions. The model with the circuit structure integrated is called a function model.

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