Red and white double color film


Two-color laminating refers to a transparent plastic film that is pasted on the surface of printed matter through hot pressing to protect and increase gloss. Laminating has been widely used for surface binding and protection of book covers, picture albums, souvenir albums, postcards, product manuals, wall calendars and maps. At present, common laminated packaging products include cartons, cartons, handbags, fertilizer bags, seed bags, self-adhesive labels and so on.

Dry laminating method
The dry laminating method is currently the most commonly used laminating method in China. It is to coat a layer of adhesive on the plastic film, and then evaporate through the drying tunnel of the laminating machine to remove the solvent in the adhesive to dry, and then heat it. Under pressure, it is bonded with paper printed matter to form a laminated product.

Wet Laminating Method
The wet laminating method is to coat a layer of adhesive on the surface of the plastic film, and when the adhesive is not dry, the laminating product is combined with the paper printed matter through a pressing roller. Since the advent of the water-based laminating machine, the water-based laminating process has been popularized and applied. This is the same as the wet laminating process. High-grade, easy to recycle and other characteristics are inseparable. At present, the laminating process is more and more favored by domestic packaging manufacturers, and has been widely used in packaging such as gift boxes and handbags.

Pre-coating method
The pre-coating and laminating method is that the laminating manufacturer directly purchases the plastic film pre-coated with adhesive. When laminating is needed, the film and the paper printed matter are hot-pressed on the laminating equipment to complete the laminating process. The pre-coating film process began in the 1990s. The hot melt adhesive or low temperature resin is uniformly coated on the film substrate in a quantitative and uniform manner according to the design through a special equipment, and the result is a pre-coated film. The pre-coating laminating method eliminates the need for adhesive preparation, coating and drying. The entire laminating process can be completed in a few seconds without pollution to the environment, no fire hazard, and no need for cleaning and coating. Glue equipment, etc. At present, the process has been used in the fields of medicine and food packaging.