CNC machining service

Process customized prototypes and small batch production, complete the rapid
 prototype manufacturing within 1-2 days
Within a few hours, we will send your 
design feasibility (DFM) analysis and real-time pricing.


ISO9001:2015 ISO 27001 IATF 16949

CNC equipment
CNC machining is HONPE's most advantageous service
We provide CNC milling and CNC turning of various materials, as well as tapping, drilling, EDM and wire cutting
From quotation to production and quality control, we have built our entire manufacturing process around high-quality and fast service to help transform ideas from CAD designs into products. We have developed the latest fast prototype model technology to meet your Design challenges, and will work with you to verify and improve your product ideas, functional testing and engineering verification. Our CNC machining center is designed for fast prototypes and small batch production. We can either produce complex prototypes or Small batch production of precision machined parts, including various metals and plastics, and various surface treatments.
CNC precision machining
We are good at precision CNC machining of functional prototypes of complex geometric shapes, 
and provide support for your mechanical engineers in design, verification and engineering testing. 
We provide custom machined parts for multiple industries: home appliances, automobiles, electronics,
machinery, medical equipment and robots. In addition to stricter tolerances, hardware assembly,
material certificates, physical properties, and additional processing options such as hard oxidation, 
passivation and chrome plating, we will also provide more competitive prices.

Metallic material

Below is a list of metals that our standards can be used for CNC machining. If you need customized information, please contact us

  • Aluminum

  • Stainless steel

  • alloy steel

  • bronze

  • brass

  • steel

  • titanium

  • Carbon steel

Plastic material

Below is a list of our standard plastic materials that can be used for CNC processing. If you need customized information, please contact us

  • ABS

  • PC

  • PMMA

  • POM

  • PA

  • PP

  • PET

  • PMMA

  • PVC

  • CPVC

  • PS

  • PC

  • LDPE

  • HDPE

  • PSU

  • PPSU


  • PEEK

  • PEI


About tolerance
We follow the ISO 2768 CNC machining standard
Under normal circumstances, tolerances apply to ISO 2768 (medium) and ISO 2768 (fine) machining. If there are stricter tolerance requirements for processing and 2D drawings with complete information,
Our engineering team will communicate with you about critical dimension tolerances and provide the highest precision machining services possible.
CNC machining surface treatment
We follow the ISO 2768 CNC machining standard
Surface treatment after processing can change the appearance, surface roughness, hardness and chemical resistance of the produced parts, 
which can not only meet the functional requirements, but also protect the processed parts and become more beautiful.