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Congratulations on the complete success of the HONPE Prototyping 2015 year-end celebration


On January 1, 2016, all employees of HONPE Model held a 2015 year-end celebration dinner in laughter.

At this celebration banquet, General Manager Lin gave a grand commendation and awards to outstanding employees in 2015. Customer Satisfaction Award, Team Cooperation Award, and Create Future Award are the highest honors of all employees of HONPE Model. After that, General Manager Lin also gave a speech at the dinner, announcing the official start of the celebration!

Each department brought a variety of exciting programs. The HONPE Model is not only a large number of talents, but also a big family of unity, friendship and happiness. A series of delicious dishes, accompanied by the aroma of red wine, wonderful shows, fun games, and generous prizes, the atmosphere of the party reached the highest point. Thank the company for giving us the opportunity to gather together.

This visual gluttonous feast not only shows the sincere and diligent youth style, but also shows the harmonious relationship between all our colleagues and interaction, but also conveys the yearning of all employees for the company's future!

Wonderful moments of the celebration: