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The latest 100 5S improvement case diagrams in the factory workshop


Many companies are now advancing 5s related work, and many excellent 5s improvement cases have been produced in the process. These cases are also very useful for others. All sorted out very good 5s pictures for everyone to learn and learn from. I hope it will be of great help to your 5s work. "Positioning and marking" good case The latest 100 factory workshop 5S improvement case pictures.

6s management
On the basis of 5s activities, some people have proposed 6s management activities. They have added “self-inspection” on the basis of “organization, rectification, cleaning, cleaning, and accomplishment”, that is, self-reflection and review before leaving get off work every day. Yes 1. Summarize experience and shortcomings 2. Determine one or two improvement measures 3. Cultivate awareness, resilience and patience, strengthen employee safety education, and have a safety first concept at all times to prevent them before they happen.

8S management
8S is the eight items of SEIRI, SEITON, SEISO, SETKETSU, SHITSUKE, SAFETY, SAVE, and STUDY, because of their ancient Roman pronunciation All start with "S" and are referred to as 8S for short. The purpose of the 8s management law is to enable enterprises to continuously improve the quality of corporate culture through the creation of learning organizations based on on-site management, eliminate potential safety hazards, and save costs and time. Make enterprises invincible forever in fierce competition.

13S management
With the continuous improvement and refinement of management, the content of 5S management has been continuously expanded, and it has gradually developed to 13S, which means that safety, economy, service, satisfaction, persistence, sharing, efficiency, and learning are added on the basis of 5S. In fact, no matter how it changes, 5S is actually a management thought and culture.