Robotics Mock Up

One-stop robot prototype customization service verifies robot 
appearance design, product structure, functional testing, etc.

Robotics Prototype
Including robot appearance models, robot sheet metal parts, robot parts models, etc.

We can provide customers with a complete set of robot hand model production and assembly, 

robot parts production, and robot appearance parts production according to customer requirements.

Our advantage
Rich prototype experience
Advanced processing machine
Exquisite craftsmanship
Quality control
Worry-free after-sales

Rich prototype experience

A team of professional engineers with more than 20 years of experience provides one-to-one consulting services, enriches actual combat experience, analyzes customer and market needs, and gives professional market advice. Effectively reduce processing costs and time; equipped with high-precision and fast-processing CNC numerical control machine tools, products can be processed in three days and shipped!

Advanced processing machine

Strong quality management system, material supply chain system, CNC/engraving machine/milling machine/multi-mold machine/SLA and other sophisticated and complete supporting equipment; there are more than 320 various CNC machining centers, 25 five-axis machining centers, and special personnel operation , Sign a confidentiality agreement to protect the rights and interests of customers.

Exquisite craftsmanship

Accurate presentation of various difficult and complex prototypes. Proficient in various prototype model making and processing technologies and methods, high-precision customization according to international standards; rich experience in processing various appearance color matching oil spraying / radium carving silk screen / electroplating oxidation and other surface treatment processes. Every detail is scientifically verified and strives for perfection to ensure accurate matching with the drawings.

Quality control

Special personnel operate the machine, scientific quality inspection, rich management and control experience, and issue a quality inspection report for each product. The company has passed ISO9001/ISO14004/ISO27001 and other quality management system certifications, and strictly implements it to ensure quality.

Worry-free after-sales

Fast delivery to ensure that the prototype is delivered on time
360° exclusive logistics service, according to customer requirements, safe and timely delivery;
Sign a confidentiality agreement and install confidential software to protect your business secrets;
Mature after-sales service team, 7*24 hours online, quick response service.

CNC machining one block prototype

Use rapid prototyping technology to customize, no need to open molds, reduce R&D risks caused by mold opening, reduce unnecessary capital waste; save time and efficient service.

Design and development

HONPE has a complete design to product landing solutions, from product appearance design to physical design verification services, to provide customers with one-to-one intimate service

Robot surface treatment

Willing to work with all walks of life to design and develop together

Through the deep integration of high-tech and industrial manufacturing, a set of automated and information-based intelligent
manufacturing systems have been created to meet the needs of flexible production, information interconnection, 
and customized services, while having outstanding large-scale manufacturing capabilities.

Professional quality control and equipment

Two-dimensional Machine

The economical full-automatic image measuring instrument developed for advanced measurement applications, adopts the industry’s original electronic locking lens, flexible manual zoom, optimized software and hardware configuration, Shimei realizes various measurement requirements, and is widely used in molds and precision Hardware, mobile phone panel, glass, touch screen and other industries.

Coordinate Measuring Machines

It adopts leading four-axis CNC control technology, which can realize 6.5:1 automatic variable magnification optical measurement. In addition to the core functions such as geometric measurement, the equipped Vispec measurement software also provides various enhanced functions such as SPC statistics and drawing comparison.

Routine testing

The company is equipped with complete testing equipment. From the initial quality inspection of incoming materials to the processing and forming process, every job is rigorous and precise. Professional workshop measuring instruments ensure the accuracy of complex measurements, strictly implement internal standard controls, and ensure customer product requirements